Facility Improvement Update


December 10, 2017

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November 19, 2017

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September 3, 2017

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July 23, 2017

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June 18, 2017

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June 12, 2017

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May 21, 2017

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April 13, 2017

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March 26, 2017

Council Update:

The Building Team presented the news that the guaranteed price from Aspen was within budget and thus have recommended to move forward into construction. Both the Building Team and Council are thankful for the fabulous response received thus far with offers of in-kind gifting, volunteer labor, and also for the faithfulness people have already shown in their commitments of gifts. We now move to working and worshiping together starting April 23 in the Family Life Center. Please be in prayer for the final details, planning for demolition and transition, and most importantly that the Lord will be glorified in this whole process.

March 12, 2017

Future Generations Remodeling Project: 

  • Building Team Update: The Building Team met last week and is happy with the progress on AVL and mechanical system reports. We should be on target as we move toward our final meeting to gain our guaranteed price from Aspen and then sign our construction contract. The team is busy checking over all the details in the scope and pricing of the project. Several sub-committees also continue to meet and finalize details before final contract. Also, the transition to the next phase of leadership for the Building Team is taking place as Jim Kamp and Jack Strong step off the team. The Construction Team will consist of Bryan Boersma, Bob Deckinga, Dave Meter, and Dave Voss.
  • Volunteers: For all of you that have been waiting to volunteer, there will be several opportunities over the next month or so. Volunteers will be needed to help pack up and store things not needed during the remodeling. Also, for those interested in demolition, that will take place between April 18 – May 1. More information about this will be coming in the following weeks.
  • Keepsakes: The Building Team is also asking the congregation if they are interested in purchasing any items from the church (pews, light fixtures, stained glass sections, furniture, bathroom fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.). If you are interested in any of these items, please put a sealed bid with the item name, price, your name, and your phone number in an envelope and turn it in to the office by March 31.
  • Finance Committee Update: Our Finance Committee reports that we have been blessed with over $1,000,000 in no or low interest loans for the project. These funds, along with in-kind gifts and the congregational volunteer efforts, will save the church hundreds of thousands of dollars. For that, the Building Team and Council are extremely thankful.


February 26, 2017

Future Generations Remodeling Project Update

  • The Council overwhelmingly approved proceeding with the building renovation project at its meeting this past Tuesday evening. They give thanks that the congregation has supported this project so generously with pledges, gifts, and offers of loans. 
  • According to our early timeline from Aspen Group, we will have the last service in our sanctuary on April 16, and then we will meet in the Family Life Center until December. The demolition process will begin shortly thereafter, once some asbestos abatement is completed.
  • Volunteer opportunities are needed, and there will be ample opportunity to sign up for areas like demolition, carpentry, cleaning, and some installation throughout the project. These volunteer opportunities spell out close to a $100,000 savings to the overall project. Volunteer coordinators will be getting organized, and signup will occur in the weeks ahead.
  • Please pray for all the schedules, details, and pieces of the project to continue to come together as we seek to glorify God in our next generations. Also, please pray for patience and understanding through the transition.

February 12, 2017

Building Team Update

The Building Team met with Aspen Group last Wednesday to review progress on our design plans. A number of areas were reported on, discussed, and then updated, including HVAC progress, timelines, and budget. Sub-committees like AVL (Audio-Visual-Lights), Interiors, and Facilities will be meeting to further define and decide on many details in the next weeks.

Campaign Committee Update

The Campaign Committee is happy to report that the last couple of weeks have been blessed by the Lord. Over the last two weeks we’ve had either new or updated commitments totaling $306,735, which brings our total congregational commitment to about $80,000 from our overall goal. The committee would like to encourage anyone else who would like to commit or increase their commitment to the campaign to do so in the next couple of weeks. The committee thanks everyone for the outpouring of current gifts as well as your long-term commitment to remodeling for future generations.

Finance Committee Update

Our Finance Committee has been busy working on the financing structure coming out of the campaigns. They have also been investigating the loans we may need for the project from both outside and “inside” sources. As a part of this process, they have started to contact former note holders to ask for both no and low interest loans in time increments of 3, 5, 7 and 10 years. The Finance Committee will be reporting all this information to the Council on February 21. Further information about no and low interest notes will be made available in the coming months.


January 22: 


Council met this past week and discussed extensively our church’s remodeling campaign.

The Council rejoiced in the commitments that the congregation has given thus far – just over $647,000; they encourage anyone else that has yet to make a commitment to do so, since every commitment helps. This brings total commitments, including the Leadership and Council phases, to approximately $2,300,000.

The congregational commitment goal is $1,040,000, so we are currently just under $400,000 short of that goal. The Building Team will be working with The Aspen Group over the next several weeks to:

1. Firm up early pricing/bids.

2. Look for opportunities for reductions in cost through volunteer labor.

3. Look at possibly scaling back or reducing some areas in anticipation of not fully meeting the congregational fundraising target.

The Finance Sub-Committee will also be developing a cash flow plan to estimate borrowing levels at various times, evaluate various financing options, and communicate with the congregation about the potential for low or no interest loans.

The Council discussed a number of options in the event of a shortfall in fundraising but will consider all options once they get updated information from the Building Team, Finance Sub-Committee, and The Aspen Group.  Council members were encouraged to pray each day over the next month that the Lord may give us a clear indication of how to move forward. The Council encourages the congregation to also be in prayer as we seek the Lord’s will in the weeks to come.

To see a building plan for the project, please click here

The following photos are updated designs for the proposed remodeling project.

January 1:

Here are some updates from our Aspen Design Team meeting from December 20:

• Audio, Visual and Lights – We had a good discussion with members of our internal AVL Committee from OPCRC. They addressed some concerns and made good suggestions for improvements to the system. Aspen representatives will be verifying information and working with this sub-committee to get further clarity before moving forward with any definitive plans.

•  Mechanicals – We received some updates on the engineering of the HVAC systems. It seems that the plans are coming together, and our team feels very confident that these changes will be very good for the long-term future of our church facility. Other mechanical systems such as plumbing and electric continue to go well, as our facility is checking out to be stable and the improvements that are needed will be within budgetary scope of the project. Also, an asbestos audit came back stating that we are within budget for any abatement. By our next meeting we should have some defined plans and numbers on most mechanical systems so we can check that against project budgets.

• Sub-Committee Updates

  • Facilities – We had good discussion for possible storage options throughout the church with the design changes being made. These are all tentative right now but could allow for some flexible storage options.
  • Nursery – A report on suggested changes within the nursery plan were discussed, and the design team will incorporate many of those within the plan and get a new concept back to that committee soon.
  • Library – Work continues by the interior designer and Building Team members for design options for best space utilization.
  • Other – Some other committees will meet after the holidays to continue design confirmations.

• Commitment Progress – From our Campaign Committee, we have had a slow start
during this holiday season to our Future Generations Remodeling Campaign. To date, we have received 47 responses from a possible 465, for a total of $198,930 in campaign commitments. We encourage everyone that has not made a commitment (whether it is for $0 or $500 or $50,000) to return your commitment card in the next few weeks, even if you are unable to participate at this time. We will be extending the campaign until Sunday, January 15. After that time, the Council will need to consider the options moving forward with the project. If you need a commitment package or form, they are available near the commitment boxes or in the church office.

December 11, 2016:

Occupancy: Through careful study of both options (internal and external), the Council has affirmed a plan to “worship in the dust” during our remodeling project. This plan will utilize the Family Life Center for our worship services and use other available areas for things like nursery, Sunday school, etc. The one thing that we will “lose” for some of that time period is fellowship space. One of our sub-committees is looking into options for this, but it may be more limited as we get into the fall season.

Mechanicals: At our last Aspen meeting, a lot of time was spent reviewing essentials of the new HVAC system. Because of code updates and increased seating, a number of options are being considered to fulfill requirements for the sanctuary, as well as other areas of our church. These updates also affect electric and plumbing needs. Because of these changes, a number of engineering and architectural meetings will be held over the coming weeks to find solutions to these needs.

Meetings: A number of other sub-committee meetings will be happening over the next few weeks to verify details in our current plan and to gather more
definitive costs for the overall project.

Commitment Progress: From our Campaign Committee, we have had good response over the first couple of weeks of our Future Generations Remodeling
Campaign. To date, we have over $157,000 in campaign commitments. We encourage everyone that was sent an envelope to respond, as we only have 34 of 465 possible responses thus far. If you did not receive a commitment package in the mail, full packages are available near the commitment boxes. Also, if you are a regular visitor and would like to participate, please feel free to join in the campaign.

November 27, 2016: 

On Friday, November 18, the Building Team met with our design team at Aspen Group. The Building Team has confirmed sub-committees in several areas (Facilities, Interiors, AVL (audio-visual-lights), Education/Library, etc.) and they are ready to engage with Aspen over the next weeks. Below are several areas that were updated during the meeting: 

  • We were updated on several items from mechanical areas of the renovation. This included questions/discussions about electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. Most of these areas have had Aspen do walk-throughs with consultants to evaluate current conditions and are now developing proposals for the project at hand. 
  • Church-based contractors, vendors, or service providers need to be submitted to Aspen within the next week so that Aspen can move them to be a part of the “bid” process.
  • Committees that will need meetings scheduled in the next couple of weeks will be: AVL (audio-visual, lighting and technology discussions), Interiors (flooring, furnishings, design elements and signage/displays) and Kitchen (this is a design for new kitchen, although not budgeted for current construction).
  • Occupancy/location during remodel – Aspen has provided several options for staying in our current facility. That information has been moved on to our Facilities Committee that will review those options along with outside/off-site options. Then they will discuss options with church staff and others who are affected. The Facilities Committee will get a recommendation to Building Team by December 3. One point of discussion was that a “spirit” of flexibility, patience, and compromise will need to be displayed over the course of the remodeling by all involved, as there will be no perfect solution.
  • The Education/Library Committee has met and given feedback to designs that were submitted by Aspen. At our meeting, it was confirmed to have a “closed library concept” within the current footprint of the remodeling design. Aspen will now work within that mandate to create the best space possible that includes requests/ideas for use of the library.

We also informed Aspen that our congregational commitment campaign will begin the week of November 20, and we hope to have commitments in by January. This should then coincide with when Aspen will have our pre-guaranteed prices for the project. Our goal for the campaign is approximately $1 million dollars in commitments over five years, which will complete our financing for the remodel project. 
If you have any questions please feel free to ask one of the Building Team members.
-The Building Team: Bryan Boersma, Dave Meter, Bob Deckinga, Jack Strong, Jim Kamp, Dave Voss


November 16, 2016

Dear Family at Orland Park CRC,                                                         

Our church is stepping forward in faith and ready to embark on a major campaign to remodel our church for the future. As a leadership group responsible for raising the funds needed, we are excited about our progress thus far. We are also encouraged that our council members and some church members have already made commitments totaling over $1.6 million. With our leadership phase complete, we are now ready for the rest of the congregation to make their commitment to the plan that has been presented.

In this mailing you’ll find a couple of items. First, click here to view a commitment information sheet, which shows how small gifts can give big results over time. Council members used this sheet as we made our commitments for the campaign. This really helped us understand how our church’s goals can be achieved through all of us working together. In some cases, it also challenged us to adjust our giving levels!

Second, and most important, is the commitment form itself. We strongly encourage all professing members/families to fill one out and turn it in. There is no space for your name – that is for a specific reason. This is a “faith promise” for all of us, including Building Team members, council members, and early foundational givers. We have faith that the Lord will provide and that we don’t need to monitor God’s money.

We do ask as you fill out the commitment form that you consider that the commitment is “over and above” what you now give to OPCRC. That means if your giving is $100 or $150 per week, you’ll add to that, so the ministries that we support here in Orland Park and around the world will continue to be fully funded. IF you find that you can’t make a commitment at this time, we understand. Please turn in a form as well and indicate that with a $0. Maybe, at some time during the next three to five years, the Lord will “bless in abundance” and you’ll have opportunity to participate.

Once you complete your form, please deposit it in one of the boxes located in the Family Life Center or narthex areas. If you want a more private way, feel free to place the envelope into the Building Team mail slot or the collection plate, and we’ll  make sure it gets counted.

Thanks so much for your commitment to the For Future Generations Remodeling Project. We’ll be sending out more information in the coming weeks and months. Please be in prayer for how you and your family, and all of us, can work together for future generations of ministry.

The Council of OPCRC


October Update: 

On Friday, October 28, the new Building Team of OPCRC met with the design team at Aspen Group. We had a great first meeting to discuss the next process steps as well as accomplish some first “decisions.” First, we confirmed the Council and congregational intent for the project. Second, we heard what their team will be doing over the next six months in working with us. Third, we talked about priorities over the next few weeks – those centered on:

  • Finding church-based contractors, vendors, or services and determining how they can get connected to Aspen Group to be a part of the “bid” process.
  • Occupancy – Discussion was held about the amount of time away from church, concerns about programs, and the feasibility of use. Aspen will be working on alternatives over the next couple of weeks to present to the Building Team and then to Council.
  • Design elements that need refinement – Alternatives to the library, furnishings, and nurseries will be addressed by various sub-committees and an interiors team that will be meeting with Aspen staff over the next weeks.
  • Discussion of where OPCRC is with our capital campaign.

All in all, the meeting went very well, and we were all informed that a lot has to happen in order to make a start date happen, depending on funding, by next April.

For any construction firms, service providers, or suppliers who are interested in applying to be a part of the remodeling work with Aspen Group on this project, we
ask that you click here and then either apply online OR submit your name, company name, and phone number to the church mailslot marked “BUILDING TEAM,” and we’ll forward that information to the Aspen Group.

Finally, we hope to invite the congregation to participate in the capital campaign soon. Many people have asked about how to participate, and we expect materials to be sent out to everyone in the next couple of weeks so we can make more definitive plans on the funding side of the project as well...more to come.

The Building Team
Bryan Boersma, Dave Meter, Bob Deckinga, Jack Strong, Jim Kamp, Dave Voss