Our library at Orland Park Christian Reformed Church is available and open on Sunday mornings and evenings for both children and adults to browse and check out books, DVDs, and other resources. There are hundreds of titles from which to choose, whether you enjoy historical fiction or a great biography or instructional book. We have many new and classic Christian fiction and non-fiction books to encourage, inspire, challenge, relax, teach, and entertain people of all ages! Check out materials that will build up your faith and encourage you to think and live more like Jesus in your daily life.

If you are looking for something specific, check with the library assistants who are available to help you out. The library is open Sunday mornings before and after both morning worship services, and before and after the 6:00 p.m. evening service.

Library News – March, 2024

New Books in the Library 3.25.2024

Junior Fiction—New addition to the National Park Mystery Series from Mary Morgan.  Twisted Trails in Grand Canyon. If haven’t read any of these books yet, author Mary Morgan has written about National Parks as near as Pictured Rocks in Michigan’s UP and as far away as the Everglades. In the Grand Canyon mystery, the family hikes down to Phantom Ranch at the base of the canyon for a family reunion. But they encounter a mystery there!

Other new titles in the library include:

Lynn Austin—All My Secrets.  As with all Lynn’s books, there are multiple truths to be learned. But this latest novel is perfect for the Lenten/Easter season as one of the messages is that we are not able to earn our salvation, but that it was freely paid with Jesus’ death on the cross. In this novel in which we hear the stories of three generations of women of one family, we also learn of forgiveness for choices made and second chances for redemption.

Amy Clipston—The Heart of Splendid Lake. The setting is small-town North Carolina, with the dynamics of running a family-owned resort on a small lake. One of the characters has to search her heart to know what she really wants from life.

The View from Coral Cove.  An author retreats to Coral Cove to take over her aunt’s toy store while also working on her new book. A local single parent vet with a young daughter becomes a frequent customer. This young girl talks the toy store owner into making a tea party corner.

Mary Conneally—Forged in Love.  Mariah survives a brutal stagecoach attack which kills her father and brother. She then tries to take over the blacksmith business but is disdained by townspeople. However, she forges a friendship with the new diner owner.

Patricia Raybon—Double the Lies.  We don’t always think of the Ku Klux Klan operating in Colorado, but the author’s note at the end of this book tells a very different story.  These characters were first introduced in All That is Secret, incidentally endorsed by Stephen Curry, for you NBA fans. Annalee Spain is a professor with a theologian pastor boyfriend, Jack. In this book Annalee has to solve a mystery before she is convicted of the crime.

Jamie Jo Wright—The Vanishing at Castle Moreau. House is said to be haunted because some of the women who visit the castle never leave.   If read carefully, soon realize who is leaving and what the circumstances are they are leaving from.