Mike and Dawn Menning

Mike and Dawn Menning serve with the Great Commission Utah which focuses on bringing the gospel to the people of polygamist groups. 

February 26, 2019


The realities of living in Utah might be shocking to some. We do in fact live under Mormon control and laws in many ways. But, this is were God has called many of us to live and to bring the gospel to many who are lost. Please pray that we can always live and move and have our being here in the light of Christ.

Here are a few examples;

  • One is the Mormon influence of making the laws under which we live. Nine out of every ten legislators are Mormon.  The Utah House of Representative has 81 members, 80 are Mormon and 1 is non Mormon.
  • In the past on the first day of the legislative session, after the swearing in ceremony the State Senators would board a bus and go down the hill a couple of blocks. The newly sworn in Senators would go to the Mormon Church headquarters and  would be greeted by the prophet where he would give his opinion of the importance of their work, importance of the church's view, and give his blessing.  As of the last couple of years I do not know it this is still the custom or not.
  • A few years back the Salt Lake Tribune told of the story of a legislative committee which was dealing with updating laws in regard to the use and sale of alcohol in the state. The committee chair was late in calling the meeting to order. One of the members demanded to know why. The Chair's response was that the committee had not yet received word on what the "churches position" was on the bill they were about to consider.
  • The Mormon Church, in the late 1800's, just before Utah's admission to the Union, stated the "Church was officially opposed to polygamy. The Mormon Church has never officially made a statement that they are opposed to the actions, positions, and behavior of Warren Jeffs, the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS,) and it's horrible abuse of the thousands of it's members.  I maintain the reason for this is that all Mormons, regardless of their "tribe or stripe," all worship the same gods with the most prevalent being non other than JOSEPH SMITH himself.
  • There is another famous Mormon polygamist group in the state named, the Kingstons.  I have been told by attorney who has dealt with this group that they owned somewhere over a hundred business in the Valley, some very large. They own many busineses in Colorado, are well know as manufactures of weapons and ammunition. They are know to be the wealthiest, and the most dishonest business people, of all the polygamist groups in the Valley.  A couple of the top leaders of the Kingston group are Jacob Kingston and his brother Isaiah. The two have been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury.  Jacob is the CEO of Washakie Renewable Energy and his brother Isaiah is the company's CFO. This "straw" company has bilked the United States government out over one half  BILLION DOLLARS in the last couple of years.  
  • These two brothers made the headlines in the Salt Lake Tribune again last week. The headline read "KINGSTON BROTHERS TIED TO MUELLER PROBE TARGET, sub-title, Utah pair listed as "co-conspirators" in federal racketeering suit against Turkish businessman, whose associate faces a Mueller indictment. 
  • An other story in the papers this week tells of how the number of "hate crime organizations" in Utah have tripled this past year. I have never before experienced such hatred for people of color as I have here in Utah.  Oh, please don't misunderstand, there are a lot of really good people here in Utah. But, on the other hand there is an attitude of sever hatred by some and fact of matter is that they are becoming more and more bold all the time. More and more I hear the racial slurs such as b---er and w-t b--ks for the Hispanic people and n---r for people of dark skin color.  You may ask where is all this coming from, well it wasn't until 1975 that black people were not allowed to serve in any position of leadership in the Mormon Church.

I will possibly be writing more on this issue later as certain issues here against a Christians ministry becomes public.

I've listed a prayer request at the beginning of this message, please add to it.  Ask God to send others this way to minister to the Kingstons and other polygamist groups as God called me to minister to the people of the FLDS.

In His service,

Marion "Mike" Menning
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Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

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