Mike and Dawn Menning

Mike and Dawn Menning serve with the Great Commission Utah which focuses on bringing the gospel to the people of polygamist groups. 

February 25, 2020

     At 7:30 tomorrow morning I plan to leave for Spanish Fork where I will meet with seven to ten Christian pastors and ministry workers. I will be connecting with them again and sharing the vision of Great Commission Utah to reach the Allred polygamists for Christ. Some of the pastors from the area are already involved in the ministry of reaching this polygamy group. I have shared in the past about Pastor Chris DeMorrell who picks up thirteen kids from the polygamist town of Rocky Ridge, a totally Allred community of around 800 to 1000 people. He takes the kids to Nephi Baptist Church for a Bible Club for Kids. Two other pastors have a couple of families from this same group who are attending their Christian churches.     
    I am inviting these pastors to attend a prayer meeting in two weeks in Mt. Pleasant. In this community, as well as others, we have a goal of circling the Mt. Pleasant Allred compound with prayer. Next week I plan to visit with pastors and some members of two Christian Churches from Cedar City, Utah which is located about fifty miles from Colorado City to begin a prayer group in that area with the same goal of creating a prayer circle around that Allred compound in the hills six or seven miles south west of Cedar City. As far as we know most of the Allred polygamist members are located primarily in five communities, four communities are in Utah, one in Pinesdale, Montana, and the sixth large group is in Mexico.      
    Pastor Matthew Anderson called me Saturday evening with the exciting news telling me that he had opportunity to preach the Gospel at a Kingston wedding on Saturday. It was a miracle that Matthew was asked to officiate a Kingston wedding. Matthew and Chandra serve on the Board of Great Commission Utah. Several years ago they shared their home with a young man from the Kingston group. They have "unofficially" adopted this young man. He grew, joined the military, married and has a family. He now considers the Anderson his "new" family. By the invitation of this young man Matthew was asked to officiate the wedding of one of his family members. Matthew's comment to me on the phone was "Brother, I performed the ceremony and preached the Gospel of Jesus to the Kingstons!" I think this is a first time ever. I believe it is through the prayers of God's people that the mighty work of the Holy Spirit is opening roads leading to the salvation of many polygamist people. God loves these people and many of us here in Utah are called to bring them the Good News of salvation.  Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will work powerfully ahead of us. Ask God to touch the hearts of many here in Utah to continue to pray for those we aim to reach for Jesus.   

     Two leaders of the powerful Kingston polygamy group are now on trial for bilking the U.S. Government out of $511 million dollars. They established fake bio fuel plants receiving government subsidies on millions of gallons of bio fuel which was never produced. The U.S. Government is trying to reclaim the money and two of the Kingston leaders are now on trial. The Federal Government has confiscated several very expensive homes, in the multi-millions each, very expensive classic car collections, the list goes on and on. Last week Isaac Kingston admitted that he tithed to the Mormon Kingston Church from the $511 million he stole from the government. The amount of the tithe was not 10%, it was less then that, it was a mere $30 million that he gave to the Church, which by the way is run by him and his brothers.

In summary please continue to pray for us in this important ministry to people from the polygamy culture to bring them to Christ.

In His service,

Marion "Mike" Menning
`1673 Parkridge Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121