Mike and Dawn Menning

Mike and Dawn Menning serve with the Great Commission Utah which focuses on bringing the gospel to the people of polygamist groups. 

April, 2019

Greetings to our brothers and sisters!

The Resurrection Sunday service in the Crick was incredible!  I just talked with Brody and he confirmed that their Easter Sunday Service was surely a great sign of the working of the Holy Spirit! The Olson and the Evans families and the Holy Spirit make up an exciting team!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Can you imagine!! Five new families from the community attended the Easter service in the Crick.  I think the attendance was the highest ever!  Brody said there were around 80 there, knowing Brody, I am guessing that number could be well into the 80's! What's really exciting is that there are more and more locals, right from the Crick who are coming to worship. Now we as partners need to pray that the seeds fell on fertile soil and that those seeds will take root. Next year they plan to advertise and promote the Easter service more than they did this year.

I talked with Gareth as well. He had more news good news to tell. He and Kristen now have four more couples attending their Bible Study, faithfully and regularly!.  The really exciting news in that situation is that the Bible Study is being led by Bud Cooke, a great local guy who married Brody's sister, Ruth. Bud and Ruth are expecting their first baby. Bud is such a great guy and has matured so much in his faith. One sure sign of God's blessing on the work of any mission program is when the locals begin taking leadership positions in discipling others. That is exactly what is happening here!  

  • Please continue to pray for this Discipleship Bible Study, ask God to bring more couples so they can grow in their faith.
  • Please pray too for Bud and Ruth's new baby expected soon --  pray all will go well 

Praise God, that two electricians from Rock Valley, Iowa, Ken and Nathan Van Ort, will be flying in on Thursday of this week to finish the electrical wiring in the downstairs of the Evan's home. The Evans are making progress and will soon have their Air B&B ready for the tourist session. Once this is open and going it should provide enough extra income to bring their support up to a 100%.  Please keep pray for God's blessing on the Air B&B.  God has blessed us and the Olsons with full support, and for that we praise Him. Please continue to pray for the Evans' support! 

As for me and my health, God is providing healing to my broken ankle. I definitely am feeling some better as the days and weeks go by. It's been four weeks ago that I got all banged up. Today is the halfway point for walking with two crutches. Doctor Albano wants to x-ray my ankle again in four weeks. If all goes well I will still be "Hopping Along" for four more weeks. All, downhill from here, right?

Here is a copy of an exciting note regarding last week's message. I received this from a person we love dearly: 

Mike, Annette and Barbara were Cindy’s (my sister wife's ) full  sisters. They were married off to him (Warren Jeffs) as beautiful young girls. I remember when Barbara died from cancer. Poor Annette was his first wife. I met Warren when he had just the two wives and was not a “prophet”. He was just another “plyg” back then. Polygamy is evil and creates these monsters. It’s so demonic and the evil is so disguised behind the “family” facade. (I always think of Lamech in the Bible and how polygamy appeared at the same time as justification for murder.)

Thank you for fighting for me and now for them. You are a true warrior.

This young lady was taken out of school in the 7th grade. Many years ago she was given to her father's best friend for a second wife around her 16th birthday. At age 26 she left from her polygamist husband. Our ministry and church reached out to her.  She is now legally married to a wonderful Christian man. They have seven children who are all all walking with the Lord. As for her, she worked hard to get her GED, got her college degree and teacher's certificate, and is teaching in a Christian School. This spring she will graduate with her masters degree.! She and her husband have a prayer ministry and walk life with and disciple many others.  We praise God for this wonderful family and for God's great love for her and her family!

In His service,

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