Mike and Dawn Menning

Mike and Dawn Menning serve with the Great Commission Utah which focuses on bringing the gospel to the people of polygamist groups. 

October, 2019

Greetings, and Good day to all!

I had prepared this message last Monday, however gmail stopped the sending of it because of the large number of addresses. We have tried many times since, so here we go again.

I hope to continue to write on the topic of "The History of Polygamy in the Mormon Church in Utah" for the several weeks. First of all, this week I need to bring you up to date on news in the ministry , so I'll share less history.

Today two new students from a polygamy family entered the Intermountain Christian School this week. Please pray for their teachers and the students. Give God the praise and glory that with the help of His people, He has made it possible for the Great Commission Scholarship Fund to pay for the tuition so these young girls can learn properly and be introduced to the loving Jesus of the Bible!

We returned from a four-day trip to the Crick on Saturday evening. We stopped at the Christian Coffee Depot in Mr. Pleasant, Utah on our way home. The outreach of the Coffee Depot is under Wellspring Ministry. The Coffee Depot is located in the beautiful old Train Depot and the ministry is going well. Through the work of the Shogrens there is a bright light of Jesus showing in that community. They witness about the Jesus of the Bible  to the locals and those traveling on old historic route, Highway 89. Please continue to pray for Cindy and Steve Shogren. Ask God to send them help in the ministry there. Pray especially that God would touch the heart of someone or a couple to move to Mt. Pleasant, Utah and serve full-time, leading Bible Studies, mentoring God's people there and maybe even getting a church planted in that community. Some of the people there are tired of Mormonism and just need to be mentored and loved as Jesus would do. If you know of anyone that might be interested please have them call me or Cindy at 801-842-4460.

Dawn, Ellie and Cyndi, our two granddaughters, toured the Dream Center while I had opportunity to spend a little time with Glyn Jones. We talked, I listened and encouraged. They are doing well, but are working very hard. The Center is in the middle of getting a sprinkler system install in the entire, very large house. When that work is completed they will get their license to house and minister to 80 residents. This place will once again be busting forth with the good news of Jesus.  We praise God that the license is in sight and that the $140,000 for the stinker system is totally committed. 

Grace Reigns ministry is going well!

  • The Thrift Store is profitable and is often the first point of contact with community folks. Gareth Evans provides strong leadership at the Thrift Store. 
  • Last week Sunday a husband, his two wives and their ten children from the community attended the worship service for the first time! The meeting place was so full that they had to dismiss some of the kids to children's program to make room for more adults.
  • They have a women's ministry, a men's group, and a couples group which is designed for building marriages.
  • On Tuesday afternoon and into the evening community kids ages 10 to 18 gather at the church for tutoring, fun, food, and some do individual Bible units for credit at the snack bar. For a couple of weeks now there have been over 60 community kids attending.
  • Wednesday evening is Youth Bible Study with about 10 community kids attending. 

There is an urgent need to build a new Thrift Store on the property. This will open the space where today's Thrift Store will to be used for Sunday school rooms and church expansion. The cost of the new building, properly done is around $900,000. Some of the preliminary work such as design, soil testing, and other things has already been done. They have around $100,000 in funds now, with a long way to go. Please pray for the Olsons and the Evans as they lead. Pray too for community people that they come to know the Lord. We ask for prayers that God's people will provide the money to build the new Thrift Store to make room for more ministry.

A trivia history question? Do you know the history of the White Horse Prophecy of Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith with it's relevance to the United States and the Bible's book of Revelation? I will answer that question next week.

In His service,

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