Mike and Dawn Menning

Mike and Dawn Menning serve with the Great Commission Utah which focuses on bringing the gospel to the people of polygamist groups. 

September, 2019

Good day,

This is true in so many ways. This morning it felt so much like it is indeed fall in the air. The winds feel different and I know you will have noticed this as well.

But even more importantly God has been opening my heart to a change in our ministry. Over the past few months I have been seeing clearly that the ministries are active and well at the "Crick". We stand in awe and praise God that the Christ-centered ministries of Grace Reigns and the Dream Center are reaching people for Christ. I also realize that perhaps my ministry there has accomplished the purpose we set out to accomplish at the very beginning -- bringing Christ to the communities of Hildale and Colorado City. It's not as if there isn't more work to be done -- but we believe God has provided others to carry on what Great Commission Utah has helped to begin.

Secondly, as you know Dawn and I, plus many, many others have been praying that God would bring forward harvesters for Jesus in other polygamist communities. In the past few months I have been privileged to discover a few Christ-centered outreaches in the communities settled by people of the Allred group (AUB) mostly south of Salt Lake City. I had a meeting last week with a pastor I mentioned last week who is doing a wonderful outreach to children in that community!

Last evening our Board of Directors met. I shared about the direction I was sensing led by God. Over the history of my ministry opportunities I have often helped to build various ministries, networked people to serve together with like-minded ministries and have watched the ministries launch to levels I probably didn't even dream could happen. This seems to be what is happening again.

I see the importance of bringing like-minded ministry outreaches in the AUB together to serve with a common purpose -- bringing people to Jesus. The first two ministries we have recognized are church planters, Matthew and Chandra Anderson in Spanish Fork, and pastor Chris DeMorrell from Santaquin. I believe God has given me the gift of facilitating and networking. While continuing my work in the Criick and with ministries there, I trust that God is leading me to focus more on the ministries to other polygamist groups as well. This type of networking is what God has called me to in the past and it looks like I will be heading down that road again. We will be laying a base and solid foundation to the ministry by beginning regular, active, and intentional prayer with the several ministry leaders as soon as we get back from our three week deputation trip to the Midwest. 

We invite you to pray with us as we move in a slightly new although same direction. Dawn and I plan to leave tomorrow for a Midwest visit. I am scheduled to share God's Word in five churches over the coming three Sundays. Pray that my message will be clear and God's desire to draw many to him, or draw them closer, could result. Also ask that in the middle of all of this, Dawn and I will have time to relax and refresh.

In His service,

Marion "Mike" Menning
`1673 Parkridge Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

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