Cliff & Cristine Wiener – Perth, Australia

May, 2017:

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers for us!!  We have had an amazing 6 weeks on the YPDTS (Young People's Discipleship Training School). We have 13 students from 11 different nations…and all of them are growing so much in their love for God and in what it means to really live for God.  We recently had a week of teaching on the Holy Spirit, and it was incredible how God showed up day after day, both in the intimacy of His presence and with power.  I stand in awe of how God is so faithful to pursue us and to reveal Himself to us.  During our ministry times last week, a couple of students were instantly healed in the place of prayer.  All of us came close to God, and there was tangible transformation in every person in the room.  Glory to God!

Another highlight of the school was our camping trip.  The camping trip was called Slum Survivor with the aim of re-enacting what slum conditions can be like, and what people living in slum conditions go through everyday .  The students built their own shelters out of cardboard and tarps, lived on limited rations of rice and water, made paper bags out of paper and glue in a simulation of how little finance people earn and how much pressure they can be under just to make their daily bread.  In the middle of the night a ‘’storm’’ hit our shelters, flooding our bedding and belongings a bit.  Again, it was only a simulation, but our students walked away really impacted by the glimpse of what it must be like to live day in day out with no reprieve.  It’s very likely our teams will be involved in ministry within a slum community while in Manila, Philippines.

We are currently preparing for our upcoming outreaches to Manila, Philippines.  Cliff leaves
 tomorrow for one week of teaching among two local churches in Manila.  Cliff and his team are running worship seminars for local churches. The aim is to teach on the character of a worshipper, what our objective for worship is, and how to incorporate worship in evangelism. They will then go out on the streets with local church members for some open air evangelism incorporating worship, testimonies and gospel proclamation. Please pray for a very fruitful time!

Later in June, Katie and I (Cristine) will be joining with the YPDTS for 4 weeks of outreach in Manila, and Avery and Cliff will be joining for about 10 days.  Cliff, our Director Shirley Brownhill and I will be speaking at a Humility Hunger Gathering in a local church.  Essentially we will be running a mini-DTS, taking the local church through a lot of the teaching the students are receiving right now, and then in small groups, leading the church through personal application.  The aim is to see the local church in Manila gain God’s heart for evangelism in reaching their own communities, reaching slum communities right where they live.  I’m pretty stoked to see what God does through a group of hungry sold out young people, passionate about the God they love and serve, and willing to testify and bear witness through public proclamation in the open streets, one on one evangelism, prayer and intercession.

So this is an exciting season ahead. Thank you for all your prayers and gifts to make all of this outreach possible. If you would like to contribute to these upcoming outreaches to Manila, we would definitely appreciate it! Please send a check to:

Suburban Life Community Church
℅ Cindy Schutt
7604 Wheeler Dr.
Orland Park, IL 60462
* Please include a note indicating support for Cliff and Cristine Wiener.

Thank you again. We will report on all that God does in the coming days.

Cristine, Cliff, Sam, Avery and Katie

P.S. See attached photo of Cristine and the YPDTS - missionaries in training