Cliff & Cristine Wiener – Perth, Australia

June, 2017:

Hi Friends,

Thank you for standing with us in prayer over the last few months. It has been a season of joy, growth and travel. Cristine has just finished the lecture phase of the discipleship training school that she is leading. This past weekend, Cristine and Katie (our youngest) set off with her school to Manila, Philippines for a month of outreach. They are staying with a local church, sleeping on the floor, using bucket showers, riding in jeepneys (like a covered extended jeep) and meeting lots of people. Their focus is evangelism, prayer and taking out local church members for training. Our desire is to see the local churches fully engaged in evangelism and prayer ministry on their streets after we leave. I have chatted with Cristine and Katie a couple of times since they have left Perth - all is well, even with a mouse and some cockroaches in their sleeping quarters. :)

A few weeks ago, I went to Manila with a team from YWAM Perth to run several worship seminars in the city. Local churches gathered together for three day seminars that we facilitated. We taught church members on the biblical principles of worship and prayer. Each seminar was ended with an outreach on the city streets. We gathered church members together and began to worship God at a small park. Many people gathered around to see what was happening. From there, we split into small groups and met the onlookers. I had a Filipino translator with me. Praise the Lord… we were able to lead someone to Jesus right there on the streets of Manila. In fact, twenty-six people gave their lives to Jesus on that evening. God is so faithful to move in power when we just show up and are available to be used by him.

In two weeks, Avery (13 years old) will travel with me back to Manila where we will meet up with Cristine, Katie and team. We will run a week long discipleship conference for the local churches of the region we will be staying in. Again, the goal will be to take the participants out on the streets of Manila for evangelism and prayer. Please pray for this upcoming event, July 10-15 (with the 15th being the day of outreach). We are trusting for God to move within the churches of Manila to catapult them into their communities with love and evangelism.

While our son, Sam, is back in Perth, he will be attending a Christian camp for high schoolers. It is called “Winter Camp”. Yes, it’s winter here in Australia. But, I guess I can’t complain with sunshine pouring through the windows and temperatures in the mid 60’s. 

We are so grateful for you and appreciate your prayers in this season of travel and outreach. We will keep you posted….

Cliff, Cristine, Sam, Avery and Katie