Sunday School 2019-2020

Sunday School classes meet on Sunday between the morning services (9:40). K-4th grade starts off with singing in E/F, and 5th-12th grade kids begin in their classrooms. Classes begin on September 15.


Sunday School Information

Sunday School is a children's education ministry offered each Sunday from 9:40-10:30 a.m., during the time between our two morning services.

Kindergarten to 4th graders begin their classtime with group singing, and then move to their individual classrooms. 5th to 12th grade students meet each week with their instructors to study biblical truths and how to apply them. Our classes provide the children with creative and relevant Bible teaching, a safe and encouraging environment for learning and growing in the knowledge of the Bible, an environment to build strong relationships with other children and the instructors, and opportunity for family involvement. The Parent Link is the monthly newsletter for the parents of Sunday School students, which is full of simple ways you can spend time with your kids, have fun, and communicate!

Our vision for Sunday School is to connect kids to Christ. Our mission is to:

Connect kids

Open their hearts to accept others
Nurture their excitement in worship
Nourish their souls through prayer & Bible study
Encourage service in God’s Kingdom
Cultivate the growth of their faith
Train them for a life-long relationship with Jesus