Ben & Christy Spalink – City Grace Church, NY



Dear Friends and Members of City Grace Church,

Over this past year God has poured out blessings on our community. Nord Anglia opened its doors to us, giving us more space to expand our Sunday ministries. Our base membership and regular worship attendance are rising. With the coming of new children and Carrie Lee’s faithful service, as well as that of the Sunday School volunteers, we’ve developed a children’s ministry so that young hearts and minds can also be shaped in faith. EVMC has continued to serve faithfully, deepening our impact in the community. Christy and the EVMC started a brand new ministry called Healing Conversations which was highly successful from inception. We ordained one new elder and four deacons. We ran a terrific Alpha course for seekers. We baptized Allen and Kevin and Tommy. We were able to train 4 leaders through Pastor John’s incubator program and expose the whole community to exciting training on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, spiritual formation, missions and prayer. In fact, a lot of the good that came out of this year can be attributed to the Lees coming and their encouragement to us all, which has been so deeply appreciated. 



As the year comes to a close, I wanted to let you know of City Grace's financial need. As you know, our church still depends in part on outside funding from generous individuals and supporting churches. However, despite this assistance, City Grace’s “internal giving,” which comes from our regular attenders, is short this year, leading to a projected deficit of about $10,000. We want you to know that the council has tried very hard to cut spending wherever possible and find cheaper ways to do things. This helps to a certain extent, but the rest of the savings ends up coming out of program expenses. We are also seeing a modest rise in our rent. If we need to cut, we have and will. However, we believe that the spirit of generosity is present, and that if you were made aware of the need, you may be able to give. We want to continue to show generous hospitality on Sunday mornings, food at our events, find ways to improve the Sunday morning worship experience, to offer books and free trainings for our members and groups, support more missions, run Alpha, organize retreats, and things like this.

As the year comes to a close, I want to ask you to prayerfully consider if you could make a year end tax-deductible donation to help us meet the shortfall so that we can end the year in the black. We excel at serving. In giving let us also excel. If you don’t already tithe regularly please consider signing up on Faithstreet to give a recurring donation. Even $100/month would go a long way to help City Grace become more financially stable, less dependent on outside funding, and better positioned to fund our programs well, leading, Lord-willing, to more growth. Not only is giving to the church a way to worship God, but it supports a ministry that is so valuable, for it is changing lives in the East Village and beyond by pointing people to the grace of God that is available to them through Jesus Christ.

Scripture says that everyone should give, not by compulsion (“I have to”), but cheerfully (“I get to”) what God has put in their heart to give. Please don’t give or increase your giving unless you believe God has put it on your heart to give. Please pray about it, then respond to him.

Give Prayerfully

Merry Christmas to you all! 


Pastor Ben Spalink
City Grace Church
37 W 26th St. Rm 331
New York, NY 10010