Andy & Tine Vander Laan – Teach Beyond: Albania

Update from the Vander Laans (September 1, 2020):

Unplanned Flight to Germany!

Last week Friday the 28th Tine and I got some difficult results from a head MRI which Tine took the day before. The ear doctor had ordered an MRI because Tine was feeling dizzy, nauseous, and having blackouts. Tine has had hearing issues over the past year. The Albanian doctor which we met with nervously gave us the results saying that the scan revealed a large growth between Tine's ear and her brain, lying on a nerve. He said that we need to see a neurosurgeon immediately. The hospital's neurosurgeon was not in country and he did not know when he would be back. We decided that we needed to fly to Germany as soon as we could. We booked flights on the same day and we flew on Sunday. 

It is Tuesday as I write this and we are in quarantine until we get our airport Covid test results back. Thankfully one of Tine's cousins has contacts at the hospital and she's working hard to get Tine to see the right doctor. I've given the Albanian MRI results to the hospital and we are waiting on them to let us know what we should do. We have not yet had an official diagnosis but the Albanian ear doctor said he thinks it is an Acustic Schwannoma brain tumor. Tine's symptoms have been much worse over the past week but we are so thankful that we are with our family, are in a country with a good medical system, and can call an ambulance at any time. 

We covet your prayers as we figure this whole thing out! We know God is in control and have already seen many little things God ordained to bring us where we are. We fear no evil because he is with us.

Thank you for your love and support.  

-Tine, Andy, Jonas, Isabella, and Sofia Vander Laan