Tim & Martha Lin – InterVarsity Kansas

October, 2014:

The Smallest Campus I've Been To

Last week, I shared about the most unusual campus I've ever been to. In that same week, I also visited the smallest campus I've ever been to.

In the small town of Nevada, MO, sits an all-women's college that offers primarily 2-year degrees. This year, about 250 women are enrolled there, and most of them receive generous scholarships from an international women's philanthropic organization. The college name? Cottey College.

While on campus, I met a first-year student named Kiley. She grew up overseas in Africa as a "missionary kid" and was homeschooled all her life. When Kiley got to Cottey, she told me, she couldn't believe how her suitemates would talk openly and nonchalantly about their sexual experiences. Horrified, she would close the door to her room and focus on her studies.

As we talked, I challenged her to consider this question: What if God had sent her to Cottey as a missionary to the campus? That evening, a few other Cottey InterVarsity members and I went up to Kiley's suite. We hung out, asked questions, and met her infamous suitemates. Afterwards, Kiley shared how amazed she was that her suitemates would engage in our spiritual conversations! Kiley is beginning to catch glimpses of how God is at work at Cottey...even in the hearts of her suitemates!

Please pray for Kiley and the rest of the InterVarsity chapter as they try to reach the campus for Christ!

Timothy's Prayer Requests: 

  • Thanks and praise to God for preserving a campus witness at Cottey despite challenging student turnover from year to year.
  • For courage and boldness for Kiley and the other InterVarsity members as they seek to talk about Jesus with their friends and suitemates.
  • For new students to join InterVarsity, especially first-year students.