Tim & Martha Lin – InterVarsity Kansas

Campuses Closed...Ministry Continues!

What a difference a month makes! In February, InterVarsity in Michigan hosted multiple student conferences, and the regional leadership team was looking ahead to our end-of-year camps. But by mid-March, our campuses had ceased in-person classes, and as of this week, the Michigan governor has issued a stay-at-home order. Like you, we are quickly trying to adapt to our new reality.

The good news is that the gospel continues to go forward--but now in digital form! Across the region, InterVarsity staff have been transitioning to online video small groups (thank you, Zoom!), large groups, and discipleship meetings. Surprisingly, many chapters have had NEW students join their digital meetings; students who couldn't formerly come to physical meetings because of schedule conflicts can now join online! 

None of this takes away the pain and isolation our students, faculty, and staff are experiencing. Graduating seniors are mourning the unexpected truncation of their year. Faculty are struggling with how to transition to online teaching. And InterVarsity staff, like many of you, are wrestling with realities of childcare and family health concerns. 

Would you pray with us that we will stay connected with the Lord and with each other during this season? Please also pray for wisdom as I consider how to lead and shepherd the region in these uncertain times.

P.S.: If you're a ministry leader shifting towards online ministry, InterVarsity has a number of resources and best practice ideas we have developed - please feel free to e-mail me, and I'd be glad to share what I know!

How to Pray

1. Praise God that the gospel continues to go forward in this season and for the new students who have been able to join.

2. Pray for our staff team as they balance their personal needs and situations with the needs of students and faculty they serve.

3. Pray for wisdom and discernment for me as I seek to lead the region during this time of unknowns.

Thank you!