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June 2018





Snapshots from 2017-18

"Come and see what God has done, his awesome deeds for mankind!" Psalm 66:5


Can I share with you what God has done in the Kansas Area this year? The following snapshots are glimpses into God's work on our campuses--your prayers have made an eternal difference in the lives of students and faculty in Kansas!

Reaching Athletes

athletesWhy can't we have an Athletes InterVarsity group here? That was the question that Tim, a transfer student, asked our InterVarsity staff at Park University. Tim is actually not a Christian, but he loved his previous experience of Athletes InterVarsity at the University of Nebraska-Omaha so much that he wanted to bring it to campus. As a result, 20+ student athletes at Park began to gather weekly to study Scripture together!

Peace Feast

Peace FeastThis spring, our international ministry at KU organized our first-ever "Peace Feast." Over a delicious meal, Muslim and Christian students gathered to build relationship with one another. This gesture of hospitality has helped us establish significant trust with the Muslim community on campus. We are looking forward to continuing the Peace Feast tradition, with the eventual hope of leading into faith discussions and conversations about Jesus!

Quest for Christ

Quest for ChristSometimes, non-Christians can be bolder witnesses for Christ than we are! Take Graham, a student at JCCC. Graham is a self-professed pagan. When InterVarsity staff Angela challenged him to look at the life of Jesus, Graham decided that others should join him on this journey. So he gathered and invited friends from diverse spiritual backgrounds to form a weekly "Quest for Christ!" Each week, the group would look at a passage from John and discuss its implications for their lives. And as a result, these students are finding themselves drawn to and intrigued by Jesus and increasingly open to following him! As for Graham? He's not a Christian yet, but just imagine what kind of bold witness he will be when he finally decides to accept Christ!

Help Us Rebuild Our Scholarship Account!

As we end our fiscal year, would you prayerfully consider giving a special gift towards our student scholarship account? Each year, we give out thousands of dollars of scholarships so that students can attend life-changing InterVarsity conferences. Unfortunately, our account is nearly depleted. As we look ahead to 2018-19 conferences, including the triennial Urbana conference (www.urbana.org), we are recognizing that we don't have nearly enough money to meet our anticipated needs. 


If the Lord leads you to invest in students' lives through funding conference scholarships, please visit givetoiv.org/kansasscholarships to make your gift. Thanks!

Kansas Area Prayer Requests

1. Praise and thanks to God for all that he has done across our college campuses this year!


2. Pray for our staff team as they engage in an intensive summer of fund development. Pray that the Lord will provide generously for our financial needs.


3. Pray for the students and staff going on our East Asia Global Program. Pray for safe travels and for divinely orchestrated opportunities to talk about the Father with the East Asian students.




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