Tim & Martha Lin – InterVarsity Kansas

January, 2020

3 Stories of God's (Unexpected) Work on Campus

DELTA COLLEGE (University Center, MI)
Mike Petersen (Campus Staff) set up a lot of outreach tables at Delta's campus this fall...with almost no response or interest from students. Discouraged but persistent, Mike was at it again a couple of weeks ago, this time asking the campus "Does Prayer Make a Difference?" He and another staff prayed ahead of time that God would generate new interest among students. By the end of the day, not only had they gotten several sign-ups, but through their conversations, two Delta students gave their lives to Jesus! It turns out prayer DOES make a difference!

LaGerrica Simmons (Campus Staff) knew that God had called her to plant a witnessing community to black students at Eastern, but her small group of students struggled to invite and grow the group this fall. Just before their first bible study this January, LaGerrica sensed the Spirit's prompting to go invite. So together with her students, they spent 10-15 minutes inviting students near their meeting spot. By the grace of God, 4 new students joined them that day, practically doubling their small group! 

Emmy Montgomery (Campus Staff) and Steve Lambert (Greek Ministry Coordinator) had been praying this year for an opportunity to start ministry among Greek students at Alma College. They decided to drop by the Greek Life Advisor's office to introduce themselves. It was the middle of Greek recruitment, so they didn't expect much of an audience. But to their surprise, he willingly invited them in and spent OVER AN HOUR talking with them! By the end of the conversation, he had promised to connect them with a few key Greek leaders who could be likely champions for InterVarsity coming to campus!


3 Ways to Pray

Thank you for praying for our team at National Staff Conference! It was a tremendous week of refocusing on God and hearing from him. Would you join us in prayer in three critical ways as we head into February?

1. In Mid-February, we will be interviewing new staff candidates for next year. Please pray for discernment for our Regional Leadership Team as we consider what offers and placements to extend to these candidates.

2. February is also a critical window as we seek to hire staff directors across the region. We are hoping to fill 2-3 of the 4 Area Director openings by March 1, so please pray that the Lord would bring the right applicants and for clear direction as we engage in interview processes.

3. February includes three major student "corners" conferences. Greek Conference happens Feb 7-9, while Ignite (for black students) and Unleashed (for Asian-American students) will both take place Feb 21-23. Please pray for staff and student leaders as they invite their friends to come. And please pray that the Lord will speak powerfully to students during these conferences.


Additional Prayer Requests:

-        Our family’s transition – for the Lord to provide the first few friends for Martha, Josiah, Hannah, and me.

-        Staff and volunteer recruitment for our team – we need more laborers for the harvest to reach more campuses.

-        Funding challenges for me and my team – pray especially for the Lord to unlock new networks for us.

Thank you!