Tim & Martha Lin – InterVarsity Kansas

September, 2017:

First Week on Campus!


One week of school is officially in the books! During that time, our Kansas Area staff team has met thousands of students, handed out hundreds of cookies, served dinner to dozens of international students, and invited many to "come and see." 

At Johnson County Community College, we texted the 200+ students we had gotten contact info for and invited them to come to our "Sweet and Greet" event. We promised free desserts and new friends, but since we hardly knew any of these students, we really had no idea who would come.

So our student leaders and staff prayed! The first surprise came when a freshman student named Kyra showed up an hour early, helped us set up, and stayed the entire time! Even better, she invited every new student who came to join her table for a game of UNO. It's amazing that God brought Kyra to us, someone eager to serve and lead even before she fully knew what InterVarsity was!

IMG_20170828_111416882 2

Over the course of the next two hours, about 50 students wandered in, grabbed a brownie, and signed up for Bible studies! Carli recently moved from Wisconsin and was looking for friends. Raul was excited about the brand-new Latino Bible study on campus. Each of them had an interesting story--and each of them, like 20,000 other JCCC students, desperately need Jesus Christ!

I was especially proud of our returning students for stepping out of their comfort zones and welcoming in the new students. I think of blue-haired Melissa, who self-professes to be shy and socially anxious. Melissa volunteered to host an Apples to Apples table--and because of that, she ended up interacting with more new students than I did!

Similar events are happening all across our area. Would you take a moment to pray for our staff and student leaders as they continue reaching out to new students? And please pray that the Lord would bring the right students into our communities this year!

Kansas Area Prayer Requests

1. Praise and thanks to God for the many new students we have met across our 11 campuses!

2. Pray for our staff and student leaders as reach out to and follow-up with new students. Pray especially that the Lord would bring the right students to InterVarsity this fall.

3. Pray that each chapter's weekly meetings will launch well. Pray especially for interest from new students to join our Bible studies and worship gatherings.