Mike & Pretty Van Prooyen – Philippines

February, 2019:



After 2 years of transition, where universities around the Philippines struggled with low freshman enrollment, campuses are finally getting back to normal. With the increased number of freshmen at the University of the Philippines in Los Baños (UPLB), the Lord has also increased the number of students getting involved in our campus ministry.

Two weeks ago, we hosted a retreat at our Laguna camp for students to come and relax while at the same time learning more about personal evangelism. Praise the Lord for each one who attended!



After the time of training, the students were given an opportunity to practice sharing the Gospel, some of them for the very first time! Praise the Lord for the wisdom and boldness that He gave them! 


Ivan, a fourth-year student at UPLB, hadn't expected to draw this crowd when he started sharing the gospel. Praise the Lord for his courage to keep sharing and for how the Lord used him!




Leading Future Leaders


A significant number of influential personalities in the Philippines have graduated from the University of the Philippines. Imagine the impact that can be made in this country by future leaders who have come to know Christ, and developed a deep relationship with Him!


From 1 day to 1 year — These university students had a taste of the Bible Institute (BI) life a few weeks ago. They couldn't get enough! Please pray for these students, and others, who are seeking God's leading about spending a year at the BI.


Pray with our campus ministry team!

  • Opportunities to begin one-on-one discipleship with new contacts
  • For an additional female missionary to join our campus ministry  team 
  • For Pauline, as she raises support for her internship and Bible Institute tuition
  • For students praying about entering the Bible Institute


Upcoming Events


  • March 23 - Urbangelize Evangelism Training - Laguna
  • April 8-12 - Bible Basketball & Volleyball Camp - Laguna
  • April 8-12 - Compassion Camp - Mindanao
  • April 15-19 - Bible Basketball & Volleyball Camp - Mindanao
  • April 10-17 - ID4ME discipleship training - Mindanao
  • April 22-26 - Island Camp - Bohol
  • April 22-26 - Youth Camp - Mindanao
  • April 22-26 - Youth Camp - Laguna
  • April 29-May 3 - Youth Camp - Laguna
  • April 29-May 2 - Junior Camp - Mindanao


Praise the Lord for allowing us to reach more university students this year! Please pray that more young people would come to know the Lord and develop deep relationships with Him. To God be all the glory!

From the desk of the director,