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August, 2017:






The Marawi Conflict Overview


You may have heard on the news of the recent conflict and martial law situation on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. If you haven't heard, here's a quick overview of what's been going on. The Philippine government started going after an Abu Sayyaf leader (Abu Sayyaf is a Philippine Radical Islamic group connected with ISIS) in the city of Marawi. When this offensive happened, the rebels started fighting back and the result has been an ongoing conflict. The Philippine president declared Martial Law on the island of Mindanao, where the conflict is taking place, as a way to help gain control of the situation. The first declaration of Martial Law is supposed to end on July 22, but the conflict is not over. Pray for wisdom as President Duterte and the other leaders make decisions about what to do.


Trucks with relief goods lined up outside our Mindanao Camp.


Camp Impact


Not much has changed for our team in Laguna as the situation in Marawi is on the southern island of Mindanao (2 hours away by plane).

Our Mindanao team is only 65 miles away from the city of Marawi, but by God's grace, aside from military check points, things have mostly continued as normal. One unique thing at our Mindanao camp has been lines of trucks on the road just outside loaded with relief goods headed for Marawi. 


Ministry Impact


Just weeks before the Marawi conflict began, one of our national missionaries, Barry Maique, had been all set to launch a Bible Club leadership training at University Baptist Church. University Baptist Church is located on the Mindanao State University Campus in Marawi City. Things are on hold now, due to the attacks on the city, but Barry and Pastor Exequiel Magbanua continue to pray about what the Lord might have for the future.


Barry & Ptr Exequiel Magbanua


Discipleship In Action


It's amazing how God uses one life to impact another! In 2003, we had a young man, named Jude, graduate from the Bible Institute (BI). Jude continued on to serve the Lord in a university outreach. Using what he learned at the BI, Jude discipled another man who continued on to become a pastor. Pastor Exequiel Magbanua had a heart for reaching university students, and until the conflict began, had been leading a university outreach in Marawi. Pastor Magbanua and the students had to evacuate when rebels took over the city, but their desire is to continue reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ once things settle down!


Last year's Pastor's Retreat at Word of Life Seaside


Pastor's Rest & Recharge


One of our burdens and desires in ministry is to provide refreshment and training for Filipino pastors. This next week, at our Mindanao Camp, we will be holding our annual Pastors Rest & Recharge conference to help pastors do just that! (July 24-26) Would you pray with us for God to use this conference for His glory! Please pray too for protection as we gather together with the ongoing conflict not far off!






Upcoming Events


July 21-22 - Leadership Training for Manila area churches 
July 24-26 - Pastors Conference - Mindanao


July 30 - Missions Sunday in Batangas
August 7-9 - Pastors Retreat - Laguna
August 14-18 - Bible Institute Talent Week






We continue to thank the Lord for your partnership in the gospel! 

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