Larry & Ruth Spalink – CRC World Missions: Tokyo, Japan

Larry serves as the Japan team leader and business manager. Larry works with a cluster of churches to facilitate worship and evangelism enrichment efforts, especially focusing on the West Saitama area of the RCJ’s Eastern Presbytery. Larry also coordinates World Renew's disaster response efforts in Japan. Ruth is CAJ's Health Center staff person and Student Support Team Coordinator.

Latest Update from the Spalinks (September, 2017):

Greetings from Tokyo once again! We have had sweltering heat this past week and are very thankful for air conditioning, but we mustn't complain as we see our friends suffer in SE Texas! We are also not enjoying the ongoing tension with our belligerent neighbor, North Korea. But life and ministry continue, and God's care always sustains us, as it does you, we trust! 

Several big ministries I have been involved in ended this year. The disaster response project for the last 6 and a half years is done, except for one final audit and the publication of my final report, which is now ready in English and Japanese and will be presented to the Reformed Church in Japan general assembly in October  (Let me know if you'd like a copy). This activity not only accomplished a lot, but it also set a lot of very useful precedents for the future, as natural disasters regularly plague this nation of earthquakes and volcanoes. Now besides earthquake and tsunami preparedness drills, there are also nuclear attack drills. Lord, have mercy! 

Another big item was the Hikarigaoka Christ Church church planting project. My formal involvement ended when the group organized on April 22. I still enjoy going to Wednesday prayer meetings though. 

As the enclosed letter describes, I still have plenty to do, and I am getting more into some ministries that were on hold because of the more urgent matters of disaster response. Ruth and I sometimes struggle with administrative changes, which seem to happen every 15 years or so. We more keenly feel the separation from our NA family too. But as we get into the new school year (Ruth started back at Christian Academy last week) and new ministries, we expect to be at it enthusiastically again! 

We remain continually grateful for your friendship and support! 


(You can read the Spalinks' prayer letter by clicking here.)

Larry & Ruth Spalink
Christian Reformed World Missions Japan