Larry & Ruth Spalink – CRC World Missions: Tokyo, Japan

Dear friends,

Here is our latest (and very late!) newsletter. Things are somewhat stable here in Japan right now. We realize this may not be the case where you are! Christian Academy in Japan is now on a two-week spring break (which is normally only one week long). Japanese schools have finished their school year already. CAJ is going along with the government's suggestion that they restart on April 6. We'll see if that actually happens! It's a bit nerve-wracking, but we will get through this too! The biggest concern, besides tanking stock markets, is whether or not the Olympics will actually happen this summer in Tokyo. Meanwhile, it is really bizarre to watch a sumo tournament (or a soccer game) on TV with no spectators in the stands! 
We know COVID-19 is causing a lot of suffering, and with you we ask God for his mercy and for healing. Perhaps you can say a prayer for Jolena, who works in the ER at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, and for Christy (Ben's wife) who works at NYU hospital. They will almost certainly be exposed to this bug. 
I expect to preach tomorrow as scheduled at Kawagoe Church. Activities are scaled back and we all know the new rules: keep your distance, no hand-shaking, open the windows and air out the building halfway through the service, etc. Some of our churches are doing Internet-only services. Who knows what it will be like 2 or 3 weeks from now? Time will tell. 
We are thankful to know that none of this is outside of our heavenly Father's hands! May his shalom flood over you!