Dave & Blanca Gifford – Mexico City

June, 2017

Dear supporters, family members and friends,

Next Friday July 20 we leave Mexico City to head for home service. Please pray for Daniel and Muffin as they fly that day to Michigan. Please pray also for Blanca, Alexandra, Alexandra's friend Ximena, and myself, as we drive from the 20th to the 27th, stopping on the way to visit our friends and supporters at Hope CRC in Houston, and to do a little sightseeing in San Antonio, Houston and St. Louis.

We now have a personal vehicle we will be able to use for most of the time we are in Michigan, through November. We will still need one for December and January, so please pray for that, and if you know of one we could use for the last two months, please give us a heads up. And we had a brief scare, but now it looks like we are good to go, to cross the border with a Mexican plated van.

Check out our photo albums on Flickr here (https://www.flickr.com/photos/giffmex/albums). Recent photo albums: the wedding I officiated for lay pastor Hernán and his new wife Christian; Blanca's kids club in June; the seminary graduation; and the 'noche de misioneras' - a food and game night we hosted for single female Mexican missionaries from three different missions.

Also, don't forget we put up our monthly prayer requests at http://www.giffmex.org/prayer.requests.html.

Thank you for your support gifts and prayers. Our goal for the year was 90% of our full support amount. We reached just over 80%. And we lost one church when it was reorganized. So we need to exapnd our support base while we are on home service. If you have any friends or family members, or churches, who might like to support my development of Mexican leaders, my production of free Spanish web resources for Christians, and Blanca's children's ministry, please put us in touch with them, or them in touch with us.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

Dave and Blanca​ Gifford
Christian Reformed World Missions, Mexico City