Dave & Blanca Gifford – Mexico City

May, 2017

Dear family members, supporters, and friends,

As always we are grateful to all of you our supporting churches, and all the families and inidividuals who support us with your prayers and financial giving.

​Spring is a joyous time right now for us - last weekend I was in Tijuana and then chilly but beautiful San Diego; tomorrow I preach at a wedding of friends; I am creating more visually oriented Spanish resources with my new iPad pro (example here http://articulos.giffmex.org/biblia.general/setentas.html); seminary classes and Blanca's kids club are going well; and much of what we are doing is in preparation for our home service. Departure is only two months away, and there is much to be done. But we look forwarding to seeingso many of you in church visits and home visits, so the work is a joy.

Blanca is getting extra attention: we just celebrated Mother's day, and now in two weeks (June 1) we will celebrate her birthday. (feel free to write her for her birthday, at blancagifford@gmail.com).

We also had a good month for donations in April, which we needed, given our numbers. Thank you all! We are still $26,000 short of our minimum goal of $106,000, and we only have what's left of May, and June, to go. So if you, your friends, or your church have a little extra left over in your giving budget, we refuse to pressure you, but here is a link for you to prayerfully consider: https://crwm.org/about-us/our-missionaries/david-and-blanca-gifford

Thank you again for encouraging us and allowing us to serve here in Mexico City. Blessings to each one of you in Christ Jesus our Savior and King,

Dave and Blanca​ Gifford
Christian Reformed World Missions, Mexico City