Dave & Blanca Gifford – Mexico City

November 13, 2018

Dear friends, family members, prayer warriors and financial supporters,

Thank you to all of you for your prayers, interest, encouragement and financial support.

We will keep it short this month, with two announcements:

1) I recently put up an index online to our galleries of ministry photos on OneDrive. You can find it at http://giffmex.org/ministry.photos.html. We will no longer be using Flickr, and we hope to update the ministry photos index as we take ministry-related photos.

2) Our prayer requests are now updated and include our items for November. You can see them, as always, at http://giffmex.org/prayer.requests.html. Make sure to bookmark these two sites if you haven't already.

3) Our next prayer letter will be out early December, Lord willing.

Thank you again for your kindnesses towards us and our ministry. Blessings to you in Christ,

Dave and Blanca​ Gifford
Christian Reformed World Missions, Mexico City

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