Dave & Blanca Gifford – Mexico City

January, 2019

Dear friends, family members and supporters,

Greetings from your Resonate missionaries in Mexico City! This email is to thank you for your prayers and your December donations, and to catch you up a little bit on our lives and ministries.

Two notes this time around:

1. We had a great wind-down and vacation time in December: the seminary semester ended well. Blanca organized an end of year party for the children and youth minisitries. It went well, but sadly, Blanca got sick and could not attend. These ministries will start back up on January 26. Our daughter Alexandra and my (Dave's) parents came for Christmas and we had fun hanging out here and seeing a few sites in Mexico City. Our son Daniel, who turns 24 this Friday (Jan 17), found a local job in December while he continues to look for work in his field of digital animation.

For more details on us, please see our prayer requests at http://giffmex.org/prayer.requests.html.

2. Now I am busily preparing for my sabbatical! I will be on sabbatical - a full leave of absence from the mission, including lack of access to this email address, mission files, and most likely even donor information - from February 18 to June 8. We will be staying here in Mexico City to save money. I plan to do a lot of reading and writing, and Blanca and I have plans to visit a number of beautiful places in Mexico to relax and sightsee. After a stressful home service in 2017 and a pretty busy 2018, we are ready for a nice break. But before that time I need to do a lot of prep work - including the annual Mexico budget and plan, taxes and reports, and instructions for the mighty fine people who will be covering for me while I am gone.

Please note that we, or rather the mission, will need your continued financial support during this time. The mission will still graciously pay me salary and benefits during this time. So while we will probably not be sending prayer letters or thank yous during sabbatical, we appreciate your continued prayers and support.

I hope to write more in our prayer letter, which I hope to get out in early February. And I will send out another thank you email (for gifts in January) before we start sabbatical.

With gratitude and with wishes for many blessings to you in Christ,

Dave and Blanca​ Gifford
Christian Reformed World Missions, Mexico City

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