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The Day the Lord has Made
01/08/2017 |
Listen to Pastor Dan's sermon on The Day the Lord has Made, here! Pastor Dan preached from Psalm 118.

Do we Doubt the Story, Or Do We Tell the Story?
04/03/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Dan Roeda's sermon on, Do we Doubt the Story, Or Do We Tell the Story?, here! Dan preached from Luke 24:36-49.
Glory & Great Joy
01/03/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Derek's sermon, "Glory & Great Joy," here! Derek preached from Jude 24-25.

Paul Confronts Peter
10/25/2015 |

Listen to Pastor Derek's sermon on, Paul Confronts Peter, here! Derek preached from Galatians 2:11-14.

John 20
08/30/2015 |
Listen to Dr. John's sermon on John 20,  here! Dr. John preached from John 20:24-3.
We Believe - Jesus Ascended into Heaven
01/18/2015 |
Listen to Pastor Derek's Sermon on Recognizing Jesus - Following the Healer, here!  Pastor Derek preached from Romans 8: 31-34 and John 14: 1-7, 15-17.