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Elijah to Elisha
07/03/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Dan's sermon on Elijah to Elisha, here! Pastor Dan preached from 1 Kings 19.
A Different Kind of Ruler
03/20/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Derek's sermon on A Different Kind of Ruler, here! Pastor Derek preached from Luke 19:28-40.

The Prophecy of Ahijah
02/14/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Lee's sermon on The Prophecy of Ahijah, here! Pastor Lee preached from 1 Kings 14.

The Testimony of the Young Prophet
02/07/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Lee's sermon on The Testimony of the Young Prophet, here! Pastor Lee preached from 1 King 13.

The Song of Christmas - Magnificat
12/27/2015 |
Listen to Pastor Derek's sermon, "The Song of Christmas - Magnificat," here! Derek preached from Luke 1:46-55.

The Lord, The Lion, The Lamb
11/23/2014 |

Listen to Guest Pastor Tom Groelsma's sermon on Revelation 4 and 5.

Worship - Before The Throne

Listen to the first sermon in our new sermon series on worship here! Pastor Derek introduces the series by preaching on Isaiah 6:1-8.