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Understanding our Identity Will Guide our Activity
03/06/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Dan Roeda's sermon on, Understanding our Identity Will Guide our Activity, here! Derek preached from 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31.

The Prophecy of Ahijah
02/14/2016 |
Listen to Pastor Lee's sermon on The Prophecy of Ahijah, here! Pastor Lee preached from 1 Kings 14.

Jehovah Rapha - God Who Heals You
07/26/2015 |
Listen to Guest Pastor Joe Huizenga's sermon on Exodus 15:22-27 here!

Recognizing Jesus - Following the Healer
Listen to Pastor Derek's Sermon on Recognizing Jesus - Following the Healer, here!  Pastor Derek preached from Mark 1:16 - 2:12.