Sergei Sosedkin - Back to God Ministries: Russian Team Leader

As a young Muscovite growing up in an atheistic culture, Sergei Sosedkin came to know Jesus through Christian programming on short wave radio. Included in the broadcasts he heard was a Russian language translation of The Back to God Hour radio program!

Through an amazing journey the Lord led Rev. Sosedkin to become the Russian ministry leader for Back to God Ministries International. He divides his time between Russia and the United States. Today, Rev. Sosedkin's radio messages are broadcast over Internet and radio stations reaching across Europe, central Asia, and North America. Additionally, these messages are published in various Russian Christian magazines and newspapers.


Back to God Ministries International

My dear friends in Jesus Christ:

"Many people here don't get a chance to see the sunlight very often. But praise God, you brought the light of the Gospel to this place of loneliness and despair." Galina shared these words of encouragement with us as we were leaving her retirement center after Gospel outreach among the elderly there.



Back to God Ministries International

This story started with a phone call from a local church in the city of Uzhgorod, in western Ukraine. Pastor Vladimir shared that his church was invited to present the Gospel to the retirement community, and they wanted our help. At the church’s request, we dispatched our partner Lika (pictured top left) to Uzhgorod, as she has experience at presenting the Gospel to various audiences.



The state retirement center turned out to be a poorly funded, rundown place housing more than 50 elderly people, many of them bed-ridden. 

First, we held a small Christian concert, followed by a Gospel presentation. People listened to the Gospel message with a great hunger. Some were so overpowered by the Holy Spirit that they started crying when they heard the Gospel call. After the presentation, we spent a few hours visiting with several individual retirees and staff—especially with those who couldn't come to the earlier presentation.

Back to God Ministries International

Many people shared their burdens with us. They told us that they feel lonely and abandoned. But they also shared how they were encouraged by our visit and especially with the Good News of God's love in Jesus Christ.

Galina, the elderly lady whose words I quoted above, is one of a few committed Christians at this retirement center. She was also the one who thanked and encouraged us the most. Grateful that we shared the Gospel with so many people, Galina told us that she became a Christian after hearing our Christian radio broadcast many years ago. She enjoys our radio outreach even today. Even though Galina doesn't feel as strong as she used to be, she witnesses about Christ to her friends at the retirement community.

I'd like to use this opportunity to convey Galina's words of thanksgiving to you. Thank you so much for standing with us in this worldwide proclamation of the Gospel. Thanks to your faithfulness, millions of people in very different circumstances—young and old, wealthy and poor—are encouraged by the Good News of Jesus Christ. Because of your support, people heard the Gospel even in that poor retirement community in western Ukraine. Please pray for Galina as she continues sharing God's love. And pray for us as we are pressing on with Christ's Great Commission.

Yours in His mercy,

Rev. Sergei Sosedkin
BTGMI Russian Ministry Leader

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