Dave & Blanca Gifford – Mexico City

December, 2020

Dear family members, friends, prayer warriors, financial supporters, and more

Thank you once again to all those who prayed, corresponded and/or gave financially for the ministry God has entrusted us in Mexico City.

This week, in addition to final exams, a prayer letter and numerous Zoom meetings, I will be preaching and officiating a wedding. A special one. When we first arrived to Mexico over 15 years ago, our pastor was Enrique Miranda. I preached at his daughter Isui's 15th birthday that year, and at his older daughter Suni's wedding a few years ago. 

Enrique was going to officiate Isui's December 5 wedding, but recently fell ill with COVID, and is still using oxygen at home. So Isui and her fiance Memo (short for Guillermo) had to change plans, and asked me in late October if I would officiate and preach. I gave them a couple sessions of premarital counseling by Zoom, Memo in one part of the country, Isui here in town. 

Please pray for me, officiating in person after having to do everything by Zoom since March. I hope my nice clothes still fit me! I am grateful that it will be outside, with the guest list restricted to 40, and I will not be staying to eat, when the masks come off. I will be rushing home to watch another wedding by Zoom, that of Alison, our young friend from Ecuador, from our time there with SIM in the 90s.

For more prayer requests, don't forget to visit our prayer requests page, which I just updated today. The same address as always: https://giffmex.org/prayer.requests.html. If it doesn't say December 2020, please refresh your browser.

Blessings to you all, in Christ Jesus,

Dave Gifford

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