Orland Park Church Car Ministry

Unlike other car donation programs, the Orland Park Church Car Ministry distributes donated vehicles to needy families in the Chicagoland area, which allows for a tax deduction on the full private value of the vehicle.

Non-cosmetic repairs are coordinated on donated vehicles before they are given to qualified applicants on the waiting list. All vehicles are distributed in “As-Is Condition” with no warranty or claims regarding the overall condition of the vehicle. Vehicle recipients must plan for and have saved finances for unexpected repair expenses.

Through these efforts, Christian mercy is shown to those in need of transportation to get to employment, children to day care and school, families to church, and other necessities of daily living.

Car distributions are generally reserved for households without a car, not families wanting a second car or young adults considered as dependents.

Do You Qualify?

Step One: Download our Application Cover Page to see if you qualify
Step Two: If you qualify you'll then want to download our Application Form.
Step Three: Download our Pastor Checklist and meet with your Church Pastor to complete this together, and ask for a Pastor Recommendation letter.

Please complete and return the application form, pastor checklist and pastor recommendation to the Orland Church office.

Do you have a car to donate?

Contact the car ministry by leaving a message on the Car Ministry's voicemail (708-532-4900 x300) and we will be in contact with you shortly. 

Download our Vehicle Donation Form for more information.

We take cars in running or non-running condition. You will receive a tax deduction for your donation! Thank you!


One of our core convictions at Orland Park CRC is "Open Arms to the World." With our food pantry ministry, we seek to reach out to our neighbors by providing the basic need of food to individuals who are in need. Our food pantry is open every Wednesday from 1:00-3:00 pm at the church. Individuals may come every other week to receive two bags of groceries. Contact Dori for more information about the food pantry.


Food donations are accepted at the church office during regular business hours or in the large bin behind the information center on Sundays. Donating to our food pantry may seem like a small thing to you, but to someone else it can be the difference between food on their table or skipping a meal. Our food pantry is a blessing to many families each week. We praise God for your generous support of this ministry, especially during this pandemic.


Any nonperishable foods are appreciated, but here is a list of items especially needed at this time:


Canned Chicken or tuna

Pasta sauce and pasta

Canned fruits and vegetables (no kidney beans needed)

Macaroni and cheese


Canned soup, stew and chili

Spaghettio’s or ravioli

Rice mix

Peanut butter and jelly

Pancake mix and syrup

Granola Bars


*Brown paper grocery bags

Adult Serve

Adult Serve:  OPCRC has a very gifted “body of Christ,” who have the heart for service, and assisting those in need. The Adult Serve ministry plans and promotes various projects throughout the year to best utilize the gifts and talents of its membership.  We have a heart to share the love of Christ through our actions in helping those who are in need.

Adult Serve plans to move forward in faith to build a house in Laurel, Mississippi this winter. Consider serving God one of the following weeks: Jan 23-29 (Week 1); Feb 13-19 (Week 4); Feb 20-26 (Week 5); Feb 27-March 5 (Week 6). Pray that God would bless us with the opportunity to be His hands and feet. May His kingdom be furthered through this home. Click here to see details about the projects for each week.

Crossroads Prison Ministry

This is a ministry that ministers directly to prisoners. OPCRC currently has 30 volunteers who receive a Bible lesson completed by an individual in prison. The volunteers spend about an hour a week checking answers and writing a letter of encouragement to the inmate. This is a great ministry for people who like to work from home and have a passion to help others grow spiritually.

Orphan Ministry

His Heart and Hands Orphan Ministry of Orland Park Christian Reformed Church reaches out to our church, community, and the world with the heart of Christ for children in special need of care. Our church also participates in the Safe Families for Children ministry, a movement of hundreds of families of faith who have opened their homes to care for children whose parents are struggling. By demonstrating biblical hospitality, Safe Families for Children returns the church to the forefront of caring for orphans and widows - where historically the church was the leader. 

For more information, please contact the church office and ask to be connected with someone on the committee and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Home Repair Ministry

The Home Repair Ministry is sponsored by the OPCRC Deacons. Their vision is to provide our church family and community with professional home repairs. This ministry is backed by professional contractors and volunteers who will donate a portion of labor, materials, or both for those who are in need of repairs, but can't afford to pay full price. Our program targets small to medium sized jobs and repairs. For larger projects, referrals are made to trusted contractors who provide quality work at a reasonable price.