Mike and Dawn Menning

Mike and Dawn Menning serve with the Great Commission Utah which focuses on bringing the gospel to the people of polygamist groups. 

August, 2020

Greetings, Church,

Good morning from Utah, another hot day in the forecast with temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees here in the desert. But on the other hand, I  must say it's great to live in the incredible Wasatch Mountains. 

Yesterday morning as Dawn and I took an early morning walk, I said that I love the mountains, but I sure miss the midwest thunderstorms and rains. Oh, how I miss those refreshing rains, they are such blessings as we make our way in this broken world!

Good news from Chris DeMorell, who is ministering to the kids from the polygamist group of the AUB. Here is what he wrote concerning the Bible Camp for kids held last week. 

"It went fantastic! We had 53 CHILDREN, mostly from Rocky Ridge this morning. The kids did well and were pretty engaged with the lesson and memory verse time." 

Yeah, that's right; he is talking about most of the children who are part of polygamist families have a couple of "moms."  

Is God great or what! Let's praise God for this good news!

Here is what Tonia wrote about the 20-year-old young lady who is now settling into her new home and family.

"Mike, It's a beautiful fit! Unfortunately, this young lady has been more traumatized than originally thought, but she is smart, kind & willing to do what it takes to get healthy & remain safe. She is definitely hiding so the perpetrators never find her -- per her request. The family is kind, loving & very protective. Their community is strong & this precious young lady is surrounded by a community of Christians and feeling the unconditional love that she cannot understand. God is good & the support from Great Commission Utah has done it again." 
Thank you, Tonia. As you can see, young people who come out of these horrible conditions are much in need of prayer. Please continue to pray for this young lady and wisdom for her new family.

I also want to update you on Jena, one of the missionaries in Colorado City, serving former victims of the FLDS. She is now at more than 50 days of dealing with the COVID virus. God, have mercy on Jena, and we ask You, Lord, for healing. Here is what she wrote concerning her condition.

"After coming home from the hospital again, I have suffered greatly this week from scary medication reactions and I wish I could hug and thank all of you for your faithful prayers, your encouragement, your suggestions, and your friendship. I may not get to respond but I have read and appreciated each and every comment and message. You are treasured more than you know."️ 

Thank you for partnering in prayer and finances as I work with these ministries.

In His service,

Marion "Mike" Menning
`1673 Parkridge Dr.
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

Pay Pal:  gpigreatcommissionutah@gmail.com

P.S. I received this a few minutes ago from Tonia Tewell, Holding Out Help. Holding Out HELP has been facing a large number of victims/survivors that have suffered multiple types of abuse and need round the clock care. We have been granted additional funding through the Victims of Crime Act to bring on two full-time or four part-time positions. The shifts will be both daytime and nighttime. The pay is $16 an hour. If you have experience in case management, or if you are a college student that studies late into the evening and would like to earn some money, please contact Kristy at 801-548-3492 or kristy@holdingouthelp.org